Family restaurant and bar in High Hesleden, near Hartlepool, County Durham


The health, safety and well-being of our staff, guests and customers, has and will always be of paramount importance to us.

We have performed a detailed risk assessment in accordance with the government guidelines, in order to keep our staff, guests and customers safe while using our facilities.

Based on the results of this risk assessment, we have implemented the following safety measures throughout The Ship Inn: -

Staff Training & Awareness Covid-19 Staff Training

All our staff have undergone Covid-19 awareness of health, hygiene, social distancing, cleaning methods and well-being training, in accordance with the required government guidelines.

Please respect our staff at all times so they can do their job and keep you safe and well.


Covid-19 Cleanliness

Hand sanitiser stations are in place across the building. Signs are displayed across all communal areas regarding the importance of hand washing and good hygiene procedures.

We regularly clean and disinfect high touch areas throughout the day.

The housekeeping team wash their hands before and after deep cleaning each bedroom, before new arrivals and after checkouts.

Social Distancing

Covid-19 Social Distancing

We have taken responsible steps to maintain the 1-2 metre social distancing guidelines.

We have implemented a one way system at most entrances and exits to the building.

Signs to remind guests, customers and staff to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Toilets - a limited number of people will be allowed in to the toilets at any one time in order to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Food and Beverages

Covid-19 Food & Beverages

This service may be limited at this time due to Covid-19, all menus are available on the chalkboards or on-line.

Breakfast must be pre-ordered on the day of arrival.

Customers / Guests are encouraged to book a table.

Dining and pub tables have been distanced by 1-2 metres. Seating is positioned back to back or side by side and each table is deep cleaned after use.

Opening Hours -The ship inn is currently closed until further notice.